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    AMD 10-5745 APU (Radeon 8610G Integrated + 8500M Discrete)


      Recently installed new HDD. Laptop has AMD 10-5745 APU with Integrated HD 8610G + 8500M Discrete GPU.  I am running windows 8.1(64) on a Toshiba Satellite S50 D-A.  I had issues with the discrete unit in the past.  I recently reapplied thermal paste and cleaned the fan.


      I am having issues installing the Drivers for the 8610G.  Freqently get error messages on start up saying the AMD driver is not installed.  Also errors in device manager.  Thee 8500M is no where to be found in device manager.  There are however, two entries under ''Other Devices''.  They both say ''Video Controler.  Both have the same readout: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0.


           This is the event history for the devices at this location:

                Device PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6780&SUBSYS_67801002&REV_00\4&5528892&0&0010 was configured.


      Is my discrete gpu fried?  If so, what can I do about the issues with the integrated graphics, this device is intermittently functioning normally.


      SO far I have used the driver identifyer on AMDs site to installed the APU drivers, and graphics drivers.  Then I tried manully installing the drivers.  And I have just installed the chipset drivers.  What else can be done?


      Many Thanks

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          Please note that Win7 and Win8.1 must be Fully updated before any AMD drivers are installed. Windows Update

          These are the correct drivers for your laptop > Legacy

          Here is how to install them > The specified item was not found.

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              I am running a clean install of 8.1.  All updates have been applied after I installed.


              Also, when I turned my laptop on this morning I got the AMD No drivers Installed error, went to device manager and saw this:


              It seems the 8500M has been found, however, I do not understand what to disable.  Obviously not the 8610G.  Prior to these issues, both were always enabled in device manager.


              Regardless,  Ill uninstall catalyst, all AMD programs, and all the drivers and start over, as per your instructions.

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                Ok a restarted again and the 8500M is gone once again.  Further I got another code 43 error on the 8610G.  I followed the steps you linked.  Same issue on restarts.  The I attempted the clean install following the instructions at: https://community.amd.com/thread/180667.


                This did not work either.  Still getting a code  43 error.  Also, when I attempt to open radeon settings from the tray I get a no drivers installed error.  I have not installed catalyst yet.  Just the crimson package from the page you linked.


                Also, please see this:

                Toshiba 2.jpg


                Shouldnt the information here be the same as in device manager?  Shouldnt it say AMD Radeon HD 8610G?  I tried disabling and renenabling the adapter from device manager.  No change.