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Atikmpag.sys error when playing games.

Question asked by toniplavna on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2016 by toniplavna

Hello all,


I have a problem when playing certain games- I get crash caused by atikmpag.sys. Before that I had problem with atikmdag.sys. Sometimes I can play few days without crash, sometimes i get a crash. For example, in gta 4 i get a crash after 2mins.


GPU is MSI 6850 OC 1GB

What I tried:

-SFCSCAN -passed

-Fresh and updated windows 10 installed

-Tried with latest catalyst drivers and with beta crimson drivers.
- Downloaded SEAGATE tool for testing HDD. All short and long tests passed. No bad sectors.

- GPU tested in Furmark

-Latest BIOS installed

- PSU has enough watts and amperage.

-Temperature of gpu is 75 max when playing games at full load.

-Crashes happening with a stock CPU and overclocked , no difference.

-Tried with EXTRACT atikmpag.sy_ method...

-I run windows memory diagnostic and memorytest from windows, all good.

-I run Intel burn stress test-system is stable


When I run driver verifier, I got that 3 drivers are not verified- atikmpag.sys, atikmdag.sys and some atihd...something. Now i get update for Audio Device AMD and its verified. Still first two left unverified.

Im using Avast antivirus program. Now I will put exclusion for drivers folder, just to be sure.


Now Im runing driver verifier, still no BSOD.


Tried with windows drivers via update , still same error.


I updated again with crimson 16.2.1beta and I dont have 1920x1080 resolution in windows and don't know how to set it in radeon settings. I had same problem with 15.7.1 but I could set it with CCC.


Im quite desperate, nothing worked so far, should i try with another windows maybe- 8.1 or even 7???