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    16.11.2 Still Crashing


      The latest driver is still crashing. After some time in a game, I get a red screen of death, forcing me to restart. The problem is resolvable only by reducing GPU clockspeed by 300 MHz. Please fix this problem, AMD.

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          If you have to reduce clock speeds to stop your GPU from crashing, it is most likely faulty.

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              'Just did some additional research on this, and apparently the driver crash I have been experiencing is a specific DirectX error that, according to some of the discussions I've read, is specific to the Frostbyte engine. This would explain why I seem to not crash at factory clockspeeds in any other game.


              The following thread suggests even NVIDIA users have had the problem too in the past. But as a very recent NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB user, I can say for a fact that on their end they managed to patch the problem, because I not once experienced it in all the time I have played Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront (2016), both of which run on the Frostbyte engine.


              I suppose something needs to be reworked on AMD's end to secure the driver.

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              Another strange I've observed is that the crash never seems to occur when I play those games in windowed or borderless window mode. At the exact same resolution and settings, the crash only seems to occur under fullscreen mode.

              My system specifications are as follows:

              • AMD FX-8350 4.0 ghz (8-core) processor
              • 16GB DDR3 RAM
              • AMD Radeon FX 470 8GB video card
              • 500w eVGA Power Supply