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    R9 290 Crash


      My graphics card keeps "crashing". I have a R9 290. Whenever i use my computer, it goes between 5-60 minutes before it crashes. My monitors turn off, and both fans instantly blast at 100%. Normally they are around 50-60 degrees celcius on 33%. This issue has been happening for a month now, and it happens a lot quicker if I play any games.

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          You might be able to save yourself a lot of fiddling if you can move your GPU to a different computer and see if the same problem arises.

          If it does your GPU might be under warranty still... maybe...

          Also what is your PSU specs/model ?

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              I'll try moving it to another computer and see what happens. Someone also told me it might be a software problem, so i am also going to reformat my computer. PSU? I am far too underqualified to even build my own computer. I assume it's the rest of my parts? Amd FX-8350 4.01GHz Cpu

              crucial DDR3 ballistiX Sport 1600MHz x2

              Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB ssd

              ASUS sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard

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                  Sorry, PSU is Power supply unit.

                  Looking at the rest of your parts, someone did a decent job of putting it together for you.

                  However, the PSU is the heart of the computer and even the best can fail and it's possible they cheaped  out on the PSU.

                  If you open your case there should be a sticker on the side of the PSU detailing 12v, 3.3v and those kind of headings.

                  Even the make/model should be on that sticker or somewhere and then we could look up it's specs.


                  Also you say the temp stays around 50-60 at 33%. Is that sitting at desktop or the readings while gaming?

                  I could only wish mine stayed that cool with that  fanspeed. Mine is more likely to be around 85-90c and closer to 100% fanspeed while playing these newer games.

                  So my other question is what program are you using to monitor the gpu temp?

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                It is always at maximum 33%, except for when i play h1z1, then it increases to 50%, but never above 70 degrees celcius.


                My PSU is Corsair RM1000 1000W ATX 12V V2.4, and my program is FurMark, I think. I am not at my computer at the moment.

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                    I see they spared no expense when building your computer. Nice!

                    So you're saying while in your h1z1 game the gpu temp only gets to 70c or so with 50% fanspeed?

                    I have to assume you have Steam so grab the Star Swarm Stress Test (free) and run gpuz in the background.

                    Check the gpuz sensor tab as soon as the stress test ends (360secs). Same result?


                    p.s. don't use furmark. I think there's no love for it around here.

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                        Will do as soon as i get home from work!

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                            Also do a memtest all night DOS version, you can download Hiren's boot CD and make a bootable usb pen drive and use the mem test app inside for that.


                            Check if your PSU has more PCI-E power cables, try with a second cable and use a different slot (if its a modular power supply).


                            Check your RAM and CPU frequency and if its OC, use normal clocks and do a CPU burn-in test for a hour or more and check max temps if are all right.


                            Check your GPU clocks, if its OC, use normal clocks and do a Furmark burn-in for an hour.



                            On my PC I also have had a few problems after some years. Specially with the ram frequency, after some time it went crazy and couldnt accept anymore my DDR3 2133 memory at 2133.


                            Had to mess up with the timmings of the ram to finally get 2133mhz back again. I dont also have a clue why for years it was totally fine and after some day it went crazy and I had to change settings to get stability back.

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                        hi! i have the same problem, but i didn t yet resolve it.

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                          Hi I'll give to you my solution for the exact same problem that a had. First I want to say that my problem with crashes started when I installed my R9 290 on my new configuration witch is i3 4170 with  new MB socket 1150 and new DDR ram for it. My PSU (700W), SDD and HDD are the same as they were on my last configuration - it used to be Core quad Q6600 with MB socket 775 and DDR2. After i read all the forums and tried every solution and nothing helped (it coasted me 2 months ) I switched back to my old processor and MB - no crashes at all (WD2 ran on medium not very high like with 4170). So I decided  to check for any inconsistencies in bios settings in my old and new MB - and there it was one small thing. My old MB PCI-E setting was set to PCI-E 2.0 and the New one was set to Auto (probably auto detected to 3.0).

                          So I set my new MB to PCI-E 2.0  and that was the end of all my problems. No afterburner, no tdrdelay, just play. I installed the latest drivers (17.1.2) which were the most bad solution for me before that.

                          sorry for my bad english and good luck.

                          please report if this solution work for you.