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    Battlefield 1 crossfire issues



      I'm using a nice 295x2 in Battlefield 1:


      I7 4790K@4500

      16Go ram

      Samsung SSD 850evo

      very sad to feel this once again:

      under DX11, crossfire disable give me an average off 70 fps (ultra setting)

      crossfire enable give me from 20 to 40 fps, the second GPU utilisation is near to zero,

      unplayable at all and from crimson 16.9.1 to 16.11.1


      Could anyone here is able to obtain any gain using crossfire whith battlefied 1?

      If yes could you please post spec and setting used?

      any chance to have an amd reply about this?


      Best regard

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          I can give you my experience about crossfire in BF1.


          my rig :

          i7 6700k@stock

          16 go Ram DDR4

          2 x r9 290x with Crimson 16.10.1 

          FULL HD screen 120hz

          Fraps to measure FPS


          I test the game yesterday and my conclusion is : Crossfire won't work fine. I think the game is not well developpe for Crossfire or SLI. One of my friend had a Gtx 1080 Sli and he had great performance with 1 card and a small gain with 2 cards, like US


          In Ultra mode DX11 with Crossfire : average FPS : from 75 to 115  fps depend on the scene : average 85-90 fps

          In Ultra mode DX11 without Crossfire : the same but with less stuttering. the game run better


          In DX 12 without crossfire i obtain 15 fps more. Thanks AMD for VULKAN. My Friend with his 1080 sli had bad result in dx12.

          I don't test crossfire with DX12.

          I used the console in game to show FPS


          I m going to try new crimson driver 16.11.2 tonight. I will make a reply


          Best regards

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              the same here, my 7970CF's DX11 performance is almost the same as the performance of my one 7970, the avg fps of 2K resolution with High settings is round 60-90fps, even worse in mp, and one 7970 can provider more smooth experience in both sp and mp. I think we need better drivers.

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                  So could someone on AMD side could explain me what is the gain with

                  the new BF1 crossfire profile?

                  I can't imagine nobody test this before us...

                  I hope that a real solution will be provided to all those who believed the high game of AMD solutions ...

                  AMD team :

                  Just tell us that you are at least aware of the problem and are working on it please.

                  Best regards

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                      hi guys,


                      Yesterday, i tried new driver 16.11.2 and the result is :


                      Less FPS than the older i used 16.10.1 : 3-5 fps less in DX12 mode without Crossfire and when the cinematic comes i've got huge drop of fps making my eyes crying.

                      Then, after 3-4 hours of gaming i've got a Directx crash (sad sad sad). New driver = New problem there.


                      I saw a profile in the crinsom software but i didn't test it. Does someone test it ?


                      What about the crossfire or the Sli in this game, i repeat myself : The problem is not comming from AMD or Nvidia Driver but from DICE who make the game for the masses. For myself : BF1 work very well with 1 card, for my friend : SLI of gtx 1080 game work better with 1 card and for my nephew : SLI of gtx 760 game work better with 1 card.


                      Best regards

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                        DX12 does not support sli or crossfire because DX12 handles multi gpus

                        differently and it is up to the developers to implement multi gpu support into

                        the games.


                        As for DX11,Everyone seems to have issues,I feel it may be a Dice Issue.here is a good Article on it:


                        Battlefield 1 PC performance analysis | PC Gamer

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                    For the following:  Radeon Software Version 16.12.1

                    CPU = i74770K and two R9 Nanos in Crossfire.


                    I have tested Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign for all Crossfire Profiles (Default, AFR Firendly, Optimize 1x1, AFR Compatable, AMD Pre-defined Profile).

                    I tested the the following OS's.


                    Windows 8.1 64bit.

                    Windows 10  64bit.


                    Crossfire is completely disabled in this game with the latest Radeon Drivers, for the two most Recent Windows OS. 

                    I had a bried look at at DX12 versus DX11 performancer in Windows 10. No MultiGPU option and No real different FPS. The perfoirmance was ~ the same.

                    1 R9 Nano cannot keep over 60 FPS in BF 1 on Ultra.

                    It needs Crossfire.

                    I will look at Windows 7 with BF1 but don't hold your breath.
                    I will report back to this thread,


                    Hope this helps.

                    FYI I did test the BF1 Beta with a pair of HD7970/R9280x in Crossfire and at least The AMD Pre-defined Crossfire enabled. There was some minor flicker with some settings and the Scalilng was not correct.

                    Looks like they have given up.