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Pixelerrors and crashes with my R9 Nano

Question asked by zilona on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2016 by guily6669


since I buyed the R9 Nano i got some various Problems.

The first Problem i got is that when i am starting Mafia 3,the launcher appears and than my pc is crashing and restarts ( Maybe a problem with Mafia 3, because it is the only game where this happens(but it is also the newest)).

The second Problem is that when i have connectet one Display i have sometimes little pixel errors.

The second Problem is when i also connect my TV as second Monitor i get pixel errors more often and bigger Oncealso my Pc crashed in case of this problem.


I dont know if this is an Hardware Problem or an Software Problem. I buyed this card on ebay and now i am not sure if this problem could be fixed or i should give the card back.


yours sincerely



Windows 7 64x

Intel i7 4820k 3,7 Ghz


Asus P9X79 Mainboard

Radeon R9 Nano