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Crossfire experts: need help

Question asked by pilot on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Earnhardt

Hello, AMD community, I am new here. I would like to present you my recent problem and ask you help to resolve it.


My setup is:

AsRock Fatality killer 990FX

Amd FX 8320 OC @4.0 GHz

16 Gb RAM

2xATI 5770 (Asus and Sapphire)

PSU 650w


Here is the situation: I recently bought for 20 euros the second 5770 to set up my first crossfire, yes we are really talking of a 6-7 years old GPU, yes I do play and have always played with a single 5770 especially because my resolution is 1336x768 so i don't need a powerful setup; if your answer is "blabla OLD, blabla BUY" stop reading here and switch thread please.


What I did: after installing the second GPU, the drivers I had already installed instantly recognized and enabled CrossfireX mode, ok nice.

I noticed the first problem, the GPU2 datas were 0 temp, 0 load, 0 gpu and memory freq; I installed the latest available drivers and after a few researches I found that the problem was UPLS, so I manually disabled it from regedit, well now the GPU turned on.


I tried to start a couple of games to see if FPS changed, Battlefield 4 (fullscreen of course), nice it did but the problem is that I do less fps than before (?) seeing from Afterburner datas i notice that GPU1 is not working any more at 90+% but it maxes at 60/70% while GPU2 at 30/40% .

Furmark benchmark test in widowed mode runs at 25 fps while the same test in fullscreen runs at 50 fps so maybe here crossfire is working as intended?

War Thunder: less fps; PlanetSide2: less fps; Battlefield 3: less fps; The Crew: who knows, the game locks its fps at 60


Ok, thanks for reading


First question: WHY

Second question: HOW DO I FIX