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Any way to properly run multi screen Vertical & Horizontal ?

Question asked by shankerleez on Nov 3, 2016


I do a bit of gaming mainly World of Warcraft i make my own UI designs to match my keybindings and play style i play off a 55" LED LCD TV, and added 2x 32" side monitors since i found 32" tvs vertical have the same width as the height of a 55" i want to clear up my playing screen by pushing my UI to 2 side screens. I've been told a heap of times just get a bigger screen but that just magnifies everything and i still have just as much UI taking up the screen.


Is there a way to set Vertical & Horizontal screens together properly so i can match the resolutions ? my 55" is running 1920x1080 Horizontal and im trying to set the 2x 32" in 1080 width by what ever the height has to be that can be anything, i can't get the 32" match or extend the desktop so i can make the game settings match i have to stretch the game screen but everything goes short and fat.


I know its a bit of a stupid setup but its perfect for what i need it for and i thought it would be something we would be able to do by now with all they put into games & graphic cards ect




Computer Specs

Intel Core i7 4790K

ASUS Z97 Sabertooth Mark S

Kingston HyperX Fury 32GB 1866MHz DDR3

AMD Radeon XFX 295x2 8GB GPU

Intel 750 Series PCI-e SSD 400GB

Seagate SSHD 4TB

Corsair AX1200i

ASUS BW-16D1HT-PRO Blu Ray Burner


Corsair Hydro Series H110i

AZZA Genesis 9000 White

Windows 10 64-bit