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    16.10.3 reboot-shut down lockups again


      Having this issue again i think it was 16.7.3 last time just want to throw it out there upon installing this driver the system will hang on a shut down or reboot, cannot disable ulps to prevent the 99% usage bug in xfire due to being unable to reboot cleanly. 280x crossfire p8z68v i5 2500k


      Getting annoying

      Going back to 16.9.2

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          Okay so i went back a few drivers did the whole ulps registry thing again system reboots shuts down fine now this driver version reports 16.6 but i think it was 16.7.2 and inst showing updates so i manually install 16.10.3 again and the system hangs and the install fails. In my other post I experienced identical issues with 16.7.3 and am wondering why every other update went smooth are the x.x.3 drivers similar in some frustrating way? I'm going to stick with these working drivers they seem to run BF1 the same.

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            hey there,


            first of all, you have to modify the C0308829 file with notepad:


            search for "ULPS" entries, and change them ALL from "1" to "0".


            then force windows to allow unsigned drivers to be installed.


            reboot and install the driver normally, allow installation from your modified driver, reboot.