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Windows tech support killed my driver

Question asked by sagaxinsidiator on Nov 3, 2016
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I have been repeatedly told by a "technical engineer" from here that I must give out my computer specs. I would love to do that, I really would, but I am having problems with my computer that do not allow me to look up the specifics in the first place. My post was taken down because I didn't include them, and I am really having a headache now, because just imagining all the people with serious issues that could have been solved on here - how all of their problems were just taken down because the moderators here do not understand that they physically are incapable of getting the requested information due to the issue they are here to get fixed. Also, moderation, if you are reading this, please understand that I have to include what the Microsoft support did, as it is the absolute entire source of the problem and I know for a fact that providing how they screwed my system is much, much, much more critical than knowing which processor I'm using. Please take a good look over this, and don't just "surmise" I have keyboard issues because you refused to read past the first 3 sentences. The information listed here is fair, and it's hair-tearing that so many hundreds throughout the years have not been able to get their problems fixed because of gross misunderstanding. If this post is rejected again, my staff and I are all calling up corporate, because it's imperative that there are serious problems with the way support is processed here.


I am so so glad to finally be here after about two weeks without a home computer. I have tried so many times to get on and make an account on my phone, but half of the entire captcha is cut off on mobile when creating an account making it extremely hard for people who have computer issues get help on a forum devoted to computer issues. Please oh dear god please fix this. I also tried contacting AMD support directly. They took a week to respond, could not type English, and did not seem to understand my problem at all. Also, while typing to support on mobile, you can not scroll down, and the text goes below the phone keyboard, so seeing what you are typing is impossible and the resulting typos make it extra hard for non-native speakers to understand. Please - please fix this as well.



Windows tech support:
I had a "simple" keyboard issue that I eventually discovered to be a hardware issue between the third (Mhark) and fourth (Dilip) windows tech support. Basically, a key typed about 4 random characters, and progressively got worse, while having been started in the middle of an AMD Radeon update delivered to me via an update pop-up through Windows 10's message system. I also updated the Crimson driver at the same time. It had been popping up every day for several weeks, and I decided to let it update. Right after updating, I went back to typing on a document and found the keyboard to be... in its' state. I believe the keyboard issue and current issue to be completely unrelated. I immediately contacted my first Windows support, he did a bunch of random stuff and nothing came of it. I contacted the third and fourth who basically did the same amount of nothing (entirely due to the fact that they requested I do the exact same thing, but with much worse English skills). However it was the third tech support that did some kind of manual rollback of the AMD or Radeon driver, getting to it (a window I had never seen before) by typing something into the 'Run' bar. It was not the typical uninstall/update options in the driver software module. He did this because it was an AMD/Radeon update that had been downloaded right before my keyboard issue started. I did not see any immediate changes other than typical driver stuff, such as a single screen flicker. Testing my keyboard again, and finding no change, he told me to do a system restore, assuring my files would be safe (a big deal for me, as someone who has work on their computer). Of course, he did not reply, asking for my email to communicate after the restore until just before I entered the restore process - of course my keyboard was the issue at the time, and typing my email with numbers and an "@" sign was an issue. I never was able to talk to him again, checking for sure that I could not get back in touch with a previously spoken-with support. Getting back in, I was able to use the virtual keyboard, and then a spare keyboard to type in my password, noticing that it took much longer to boot. I figured it was due to the system restore. Then, about 5-10 minutes later, my screen was frozen, noticing that the mouse lagged heavily, desktop icons reloaded, and programs took very long to open if they did at all. I forcefully shut down my computer after half an hour of waiting, booted up again, and just the same, 5-10 minutes later, it froze completely again. I repeated this, looking for more details, and noticed that the AMD/Radeon pop-up, as well as the Crimson pop-up came on again. It was immediately after the AMD/Radeon (non-Crimson) pop-up came on that the lag issues started and two minutes later the computer was completely frozen. I contacted support after support, about 9 in total + an unsuccessful attempt to get back in touch with an "escalation agent" that only repeated the first step of the first support before the computer froze up and we were disconnected (almost funny). The biggest issue I have is that there is not enough time before I am unable to use apps due to the freezing, and so am often unable to do any major updating/downloading or other big changes. I immediately contacted AMD support after being unable to get on the forums... about a week ago. Today I have access to a different computer and last night I got a message back from AMD support with a person who did not speak English well, and decided rather than going in for a toothache and coming out with an amputated leg, I would just re-attempt to get on the forums, and leave it all here.


What Windows Tech Support Did That Is Not Mentioned:

-Went through the .temp and some other "junk" folder and deleted everything. No help whatsoever and I'm worried there might have been something important (plus getting notifications now that some applications aren't installed at all.
-Got into some module that lets you deselect apps to run at start, did it to all non-Microsoft apps, and had no effect whatsoever, just more stuff I have to deal with.
-Got onto the device manager, AMD driver, repeatedly updated at least three times per support.
-Told me to download Windows 10 again, got to 18% remarkably before a complete crash.
-Left computer on overnight for 6 hours with no effect.

-Asked for remote access all but two of the times, let them do it twice, and both were complete failures.
-Managed to smuggle a few key documents on to a different computer for work. I now have a temporary desk on a baby changing station.


What I need you guys to do:


Either tell me how to fix this stuff or teach me Hindi.
- Your neighborhood guy who is strongly against outsourcing communication jobs to foreign countries.


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