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BenQ BL3201PT and Freesync Issues

Question asked by renner on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by renner

Hello there,


After almost half of the year of RMA-ing this monitor I finally got a properly working sample. This monitor isn't advertised as a Freesync panel, but I heard some users managing to use FS on their samples. My previous one, manufactured in Dec 2014 didn't allow me to use it, it says "Freesync not supported" in Crimson, but this latest one I got for a replacement, manufactured in May 2015 does allow me to use FS. And it works! The best I noticed while playing The Last Stand mode from Dawn of War 2, man, it was tearing like a b**ch in it before, not such things now. But the range is very limited, I heard its like 48-60Hz.


However, I have issues while using FS. Skyrim Special Edition is unplayable because screen goes black all the time. I see the game for like 2 seconds then black screen, and so on. Playing DoW2 it also goes black, but not as much in there. Didn't have any issues so far while playing Team Fortress 2. It seems to be random, but most likely when FS is enabling/disabling. That's my theory, if nothing. For some reason, not a single monitor I got could send the signal via mini DisplayPort that was shipped with the panel, but I have no issues from the full DP cable I bought in the local store. My currently installed driver is 16.10.2, on R9 390 from MSI, Windows 10 64-bit, fully updated.


I know the panel isn't supposed to be FS capable, or at least its not advertised as such, but its a nice bonus. Nice to see that FS works even on the panels not tagged with it, thx to its open standard and panels that normally can push it. I would really like to be able to use it without any issues, if its possible to be fixed via driver somehow. Thx for reading.


Edit: I would like to give an update on this matter. Atm, I'm using 16.9.2 drivers, as it seems to have to least of these black screens popping up issues. However, I just noticed it doesn't help much. Black screens are popping up like there's no tomorrow in Skyrim Remastered. But, I'm not getting any while playing, for instance, Diablo III, since its locked on 60fps all the time. Same goes for Binary Domain, although it happens once in like 1-2 hours of playing. Playing DoW2 it happens occasionally, and I'm getting a terrible stutter when the frames drop lower, which didn't happen before. I noticed that the back screens are popping mostly between 35 and 45 fps. Maximum refresh rate of my panel (again BenQ BL3201PT) is 60Hz, no matter the resolution used, and its reported refresh rate of Freesync by Crimson is indeed 48-60Hz. Same issues happens whenever I'm using FS or not. Strangely enough, this didn't happen with the previous two samples of this monitor, although those had their own issues (terrible flicker while changing settings with the previous sample). I'm using full Display Port cable that I bought in the store, because I couldn't get the signal using mini DP cable that was provided with the monitor.


Edit 2: Here's the video of the black screen flickering

20161111 162402 - YouTube

Apparently the fps doesn't have to do much with it. Here I'm having locked 60fps, and the blackie pops mostly when I'm looking at certain parts. What bs. These days I'm going to try this at friend's place who's having an nv/Intel configuration, although I doubt it will help regarding this didn't happen on this same rig with the previous two samples of this monitor. Still not sure if the Windows update or a driver setting could cause this, or some monitor OSD setting. Hope still lives I won't have to RMA this monitor for the 3rd time...