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Overwatch Golden weapons graphics bugs

Question asked by mygame on Nov 3, 2016

So in Overwatch they added a cool feature that after X amount of wins u get points and after u reach 3000 u can make your weapon golden , thats really cool , but the problem is that with Radeon cards there is a graphic bugs where the weapon has grapchic glitches , or artifacts or im not sure how u call them , but parts of the weapon constantly pops in and out and that happens all the time and its really annoying , when u remove the golden weapon option the problem is fixed..... , seems only Radeon cards have this problem so far so we really need someone to look into it and mb fix with future drivers , im using Radeon HD 7700 series with latest drivers and alot more people have that problem like this guy using the same card as me : Golden weapons graphics bugs - Overwatch Forums