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    Radeon Additional Settings does not open yet again, and again, and again


      I'm getting really tired of AMD's bugged software.


      I turned my computer 1h and 45min ago, and still couldn't do anything I needed to do, because I want my hardware working as it should. I'm tired of wasting time troubleshooting and working around the stuff you should fix.


      I only wanted to adjust my Saturation and Gamma settings, on the Radeon Additional Settings window. It doesn't open, it does nothing. Sometimes CLI.exe still tries to open, but closes. Most of the time it does nothing, not even a small load time. Nothing. Since this was a problem I was already aware of, and since I had fixed it months ago, on earlier driver versions, by reinstalling drivers, I tried doing the same now. Uninstalled the drivers I had, can't remember the version I had previously, and took the chance to update the drivers to the latest 16.10.3 version. I did that and nothing again. No Radeon Additional Settings. Tried uninstalling drivers again, and purging my system of any AMD related software or drivers, making sure I was making a clean driver install. And still nothing! I'm honestly mad! Is it so hard? To not screw that up? I'm tired of doing reinstalls, I shouldn't even have to do that! Fix your stuff, get your crap together, AMD! I've been using AMD since 2002, and it's already a looooong time putting up with your software inconsistencies, which is a shame, because the hardware is actually good (most of the time - will never forget the stress I had to endure with several faulty 9800's I needed to replace back in 2003, but that is water under the bridge now).


      Performance wise I'm happy with what I have, I own a R9 380 and it is enough for my needs, but, hell, YOUR DRIVERS SUCK. I never complained about anything, I always tried giving the benefit of the doubt, and put effort on working around the issues, but one gets tired of this crap.


      What the hell should I do know? I want to recover Radeon Additional Settings. And if I have to do more uninstalls/reinstalls, for me, that will be basically AMD saying ***k you to a customer face.

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          So, after another hour of mindless trial and error, I found out, completely by chance, that if I manually execute the CCC.exe, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\CNext\CCCSlim, Radeon Additional Settings opens!!! Marvelous, it only took me almost 3 hours to tweak the screen saturation! Another curious thing, that I had already noticed in previous driver versions, is that, although there still is that Radeon Additional Settings window, which is basically a leftover from Catalyst, the one window that allowed to tweak Gamma and many other settings is gone. When clicking the video additional settings, now it laughably links to the embedded Windows 10 monitor calibration utility, which is mediocre. A lot of Video settings are also completely gone. It seems that AMD wanted to transition to the new Crimson interface but regretted it midway, and now doesn't give a damn about completing it.


          In the mean time, I also found this thread: https://community.amd.com/thread/191799


          I'm happy to know that I am not alone. I'm also stating that this was the last work around I made with an ATI graphics card. I've had enough. My next effort will be spending the extra cash to get the equivalent NVIDIA card. For as much unethical practices they might have, at least they don't play with their customers face.

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              Hello Vulgo,

              Interesting that you say you can't get into the Additional settings maybe there is something wrong with your install of Crimson or the " Infamous " W10 is blocking something. Just a heads up, from the Crimson control panel go to Preferences, you should see Additional settings at the top left choices. When clicked on it should open the menu, albeit a little slow to open, but I just did it and all was fine.


              Cheers, Ambrose


              P.S. Don't be so quick to write off AMD,maybe you should be directing some of your angst at Microsoft Tech support for W10.


              AMD is Awesome x 10

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                  Reading your reply makes me think that you might not have read my posts correctly. So, I'm going to be as clear as I can be:


                  1. I've been using AMD/ATI since the year 2002. Not only graphics(ATI) but CPUs also.
                  2. I already had more than enough reasons to "write off" ATI graphics through out the years - faulty graphics cards, 9800 Pro that I RMA'd and received a 9800 (non.Pro), after that money was given back to me, bought a 9800 XT, and it was again faulty, artifacting graphics, etc. Even so, I persevered and stayed with ATI until today.

                  3. Through the years I've been working around the problems that should be fixed on the company side - I shouldn't have to care what or who is the culprit, and I even care less for the companies throwing the guilt ball around like "oh no, that's W10 fault / oh no, that's ATI fault" consumer loses every time, company keeps the money EVERY TIME.


                  4. "Just a heads up, from the Crimson control panel go to Preferences, you should see Additional settings at the top left choices. When clicked on it should open the menu, albeit a little slow to open, but I just did it and all was fine." - Why would you assume I didn't know the location of that button? Do I need to screenshot? Do I need to record a video on youtube, to show you that the button you mention does nothing? Read my post carefully, please. "- Yes, I go to preferences -> Radeon Additional Settings - it does nothing. That's what I'm reporting. That's my complaint. I know where the button is. It does nothing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I can open Radeon Additional Settings only if manually executing CCC.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\CNext\CCCSlim." Please read, so you don't make wrong assumptions in your potential reply, ok?


                  Windows 10 isn't blocking anything, or at least, if it was blocking something, it would warn me, right?


                  Yes, AMD is awesome, I KNOW, again, I've been using only AMD and ATI for the past 14 years! I'm happy hardware-wise! But the software accompanying the drivers is sloppily implemented, it's incomplete and needs attention! Look at this thread! https://community.amd.com/thread/191799  -  I'm not the only one complaining about this.


                  Please read my posts correctly!


                  PS: I'm actually using now the 16.10.3 drivers with the Crimson software from the 16.2 drivers, because those at least let me control the Pixel format, Gamma, Saturation, and all those things I missed in the newer versions. What gives, AMD? Why do you rip out important settings and don't implement them again? That's why the more ignorant folk, those not very tech savvy, they end up giving up and buying NVIDIA, because it is so much easier! ATI has nothing that just works out of the box. There's always some kind of obscure fix to be made, so things work smoothly. It shouldn't be like that.

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                      Hello Vulgo,


                      Very sorry if you felt I insulted your intelligence in some way, when I read that you had to manually access the settings from programs folder I to thought this was weird, and when I accessed via my Prefs in the Crimson I just wanted to let you know it worked for me. So I felt that this would give you an idea as to what it might be, ergo a problem with your install of the Crimson. I also mentioned about windows 10 because it seems like a lot of people that have W10 experience issues with their systems.

                      I to am a longtime user of ATI/AMD W7 and I have to say I have had some hiccups but basically a trouble free time in as many many years ( Out of The Box I might Add ). I install the new Crimson every time they are offered. I uninstall and re-install without issues and continue on with my gaming and computing as normal, so I am baffled when I read about all these issues people have.


                      Again, Sincerest Apologies,



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                          You don't need to apologize, and you didn't insult my intelligence, nor am I, for that matter, painting myself as the pinnacle of knowledge. My problem is with the corporation itself not addressing these issues. All these changes in the software that controls the drivers only seem visual - it seems too much like some company big fish just directed the whole company to a determined vision, without the complete content. ATI Catalyst wasn't already perfect by any means, but at least it had the complete array of settings that allowed users to control/tweak their graphics.


                          Good for you, the fact that you have an out-of-the-box experience, but a quick google search of anything ATI related tells you that there is a lot of people that don't have that. When I come here to download drivers for my ATI hardware, I read "Windows 10 x64 Drivers", I read "Supported". That completely kills the argument "Oh, it must be something with Win10". I don't care if it is something in Win10 that is causing it! ATI tells me it is supported! If it is supported, then I assume the company releases software that works 100% with Win10...


                          As I said earlier, I got to a point where I don't accept that the effort should be mine, in working around bugs. I did it for too many years and I'm tired of wasting time searching for solutions for me to take full advantage of the graphics card that I bought. It's almost like ATI doesn't want their customers to experience the full capabilities of their cards...


                          As I said, I'm clearly angry with this situation and I mean to express that, companies must understand that their decisions impact customers, and issues like these are the direct reflection of that, and the result of a complete refusal to answer to customers, or to make official statements. I refuse to be a customer of a company that is formed by invisible people. But I have no animosity towards you, so don't take it the wrong way.