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Question asked by cristian on Nov 2, 2016

Hello, I am writing with a problem I could not resolve it. I made  last weekly  upgrade my pc : I installed a new SSD 240G AMD Radeon R3. When I started playing Battelfield 4 start to moves jerkily and at some point comes out of the game and tells me so: "The mantle function grWsiWinReleaseFullscreenOwnership (displayHandle) filed with GR_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST. GPU Radeon R7 200 series" ( 26 649), Driver: 683671552. Before this never make like this, I reinstall  Origin, I reinstalled the game, drivers, I did everything that I knew. What to do? The system i use is Win 7 (64) sp1, AMD  crosffire 265, 256  / 2G and eight core AMD FX 8350 CPU and motherboard ASRock Extreme 3. Please help me, thank you.