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XFX GTR 480 8GB - Wake up from sleep resolution problem

Question asked by donarkaz on Nov 2, 2016

Hi fellows,


I've had an XFX GTR 8GB since 2 months now, and I've been having various BSODs, crashes and freezes, etc etc. Most of them are now gone since I've stabilised my OC on the card.


However - there is one issue which should be completely irrelevant and is still intermittently happening : When I wake up my PC from sleep, sometimes it sets the resolution to minimum, and in the settings when I try to change back the resolution to native, there are no options listed other than the minimum it's already set to! Only solution is to restart the system.


This must be a bug with the Crimson drivers, I've got 16.9.2 (if not mistaken). Has anybody had a similar problem?