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which of these methods should i follow?

Question asked by bader96 on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by bader96

Hello guys!


i had a problem and it's fixed by changaing my install method!


i was unable to install amd radeon new versions "full software with 300 MB i thin", so my friend adviced me to install amd catalyst 15.7 then

install the last version of amd radeon drivers! "without uninstall amd catalyst"!


and actually it's worked and everything is fine now!


so i'm wondering . . why sometimes i face this problem "screen freezing" when i install full amd radeon softawre!

and sometimes it's install fine!


but since i try the frist method  that is : installing lastest amd radeon driver while having amd catalyst on my computer.


it's works good.


*hope you guys understand my idea, and sorry for any confused.