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FuryX Black Screen Loop?

Question asked by hagbardceline on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2016 by hagbardceline

I am getting some strange black-screens that started today.  It first happened when I tried to play Star Wars: Battlefront.  The game launched and went right into a black screen.  Then it jumped out of full screen, had a system beep (like when you disconnect a piece of hardware) and then the whole screen flickered to black, then came back on, worked for 3 seconds, went to black, beeped, and kept doing that in a loop.  Even after I closed the game down, the computer kept doing that in a loop.  I used the task manager to see that RadeonSettings was using CPU, so I killed that process and the screen/black/beep loop stopped.  However if I launch the game again, it gets to the main screen and then begins doing the same loop over again.


I scrubbed off the Radeon drivers and re-installed everything, but it did the same thing.  Any ideas here?


System; Windows 7 X64

GPU: R9 Fury X (Latest Crimson drivers)

CPU i7 5930k