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    FuryX Black Screen Loop?


      I am getting some strange black-screens that started today.  It first happened when I tried to play Star Wars: Battlefront.  The game launched and went right into a black screen.  Then it jumped out of full screen, had a system beep (like when you disconnect a piece of hardware) and then the whole screen flickered to black, then came back on, worked for 3 seconds, went to black, beeped, and kept doing that in a loop.  Even after I closed the game down, the computer kept doing that in a loop.  I used the task manager to see that RadeonSettings was using CPU, so I killed that process and the screen/black/beep loop stopped.  However if I launch the game again, it gets to the main screen and then begins doing the same loop over again.


      I scrubbed off the Radeon drivers and re-installed everything, but it did the same thing.  Any ideas here?


      System; Windows 7 X64

      GPU: R9 Fury X (Latest Crimson drivers)

      CPU i7 5930k

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          What other software do you have running in the background? Any overlay software like MSI AB?


          Just tested this game on my Pro Duo with and without CrossFire and no issues on 16.10.3.

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              Raptr is running in the background, the recording software.


              I did find another couple clues though.  First, I noticed that RadeonSettings.exe was using CPU so I ended it in the task manager.  The blinking then stopped, but started again when I launched Battlefront again.  THEN I decided to unhook my other two monitors.  I have three monitors, but two of them are turned off 99% of the time.  I don't game with them.  One of them is my TV, and the other I only have on for video editing.  However, unplugging them made the problem go away.  Then even after I hooked them back up, the game worked fine again and the problem went away.  So far the game has worked fine the last couple days even though the monitors are hooked back up.


              So I'm not really sure what to think.  Something in the multi-monitor setup makes Crimson go nuts, and the RadeonSettings goes nuts, but it's fixed by unhooking and re-hooking up the monitors.