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    CPU not powerful enough for GPU?




      I'm not much of a computer expert when it comes to components and pairing them so i need some help.


      I have a AMD FX-6300 3.50 GHz CPU paired with a R9 390x 4GB GPU and experience pretty bad bottle-necking on more demanding games, i'm wanting to know whether its better off buying a superior CPU (if you could give some ideas of which one, that be great) or keep the current one, if so, any suggestions besides over-clocking?





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          That depends on the games you play, what details levels you use, and the resolution you play at.

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            Hello ironmatto3,




            From the above link, one could retrieve the screenshot like below,




            One might also find the information on AMD FX-6300 from the below link,



            Well, the AM3+ platform could only support PCI-E up to 2.0, but this graphical cards could work on PCI-E 3.0. So only changing the processor could not get that bottleneck away, the best way is to change not only the processor, but also the mobo, and/or memory modules. In other words, put this graphics card onto another system!


            P.S. Allow me to be frank, in my own opinion, the only bottleneck lies on the latency of Hyper-Transport. Again, in my own opinion, AM3+ platform is not that proper to be used as a graphical workstation or game computer. The bottlenecks of the HT latency has been later made up with AMD APU processors, for which the PCI-e could communicate with system memory and cores in a much more effective way. So if you want to focus the performance of this graphical card, you'd better use AMD APU based platform, such as FM2+ based. There are many Athlon brand processors without providing integrated GPU might just be right for it. Or you can also have a try on Intel products!


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            Aaron Janagewen

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              the entire fx line is bad in single core performance and right now that is what counts in games to have an overall smoth performance i miself have an fx 6300 and i expiriente alot of stuttering,sudden fps drops from 60 to 25-30 . With the gpu u have i suggest u get at least an i5 6400 and above or wait for the new zen cpu i cant recomend anything else.

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                The FX 8350 would be better due to core count and higher frequency but depending on your motherboard you may need a more powerful one as this chip draws a lot of power, If you can wait for Zen to come out. A cheep Zen system should be better than the FX range by quite a large margin. Higher Single thread performance with a longer instruction pipeline "higher efficiency" and if the low end comes with threading that would be equal to higher core count cpu`s. Only down side is having to buy DDR4  ram.

                FX 8350 cheap short term

                Wait for Zen 4x performance chip for chip, mother board cpu socket standardised across cpu range

                a large single outlay for cpu motherboard and ram