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Crossfire flickering

Question asked by z3r0 on Nov 2, 2016

Hey all,


After some time I learned that having AMD cards is very poor, I had a crossfire of HD7970 Vapors and now I have 390x's.


To be honest that is the last time I pay for cards from AMD, not going to mess around with these drivers and because AMD is usually releasing cards which are cheap in compare to nVidia they are low on performance for people who use 144hz monitors or want to play 1080p, going to sell these 2 at eBay and buy myself a Titan-x for now, may be change it to 1080ti when its out, but thats the last time Im using crossfire (no need for SLI, usually the cards are strong as hell) , aspecially with Radeon cards.


Too many problem and tons of money to get some performance that at the end never work properly, no help just talks, each driver release is pretty useless etc.