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Switchable graphics not working after bios update and flash

Question asked by styer27 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by styer27

Hi guys, i recently updated my drivers for my MSI GX60 destroyer via the MSI mainpage, i followed instructions very carefully. Once the procedure was complete, i noticed when starting a game, the power light did not turn blue to indicate the graphics switch, this in turn is causing major overheating and i can only get 10mins of play before the cpu overheats or i close the program before it does.


- I have updated all my drivers via the AMD auto update tool, problem still persists.

- I checked to see if everything was normal in my devices, everything appears fine.

- I have noticed similar posts about this when upgrading to windows 10, but im still using the factory provided windows 8.1

- I have restored my laptop to factory standards hoping that would fix the problem, it didnt.


This is a cpu breaking issue, even while restoring my system to default factory standard my cpu overheated and shut down halfway, i cant see y laptop lasting very long under these conditions and i need a solution asap. If anyone has some advice on how to fix this issue, or even reverse the updates so i can go back to how it was last month i would be very appreciative.


Thanks guys.