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    Unable to install Radeon 8870M Drivers in Windows 10




      After upgrading to Windows 10 I have been having weeks of problems with the AMD 8870M graphics card on my son's Dell Inspiron 5737 with the computer freezing up.  In the end it's been necessary to deactivate the graphics card and deinstall the driver to be able to use the computer at all.


      I've tried following the advice found here ... https://community.amd.com/message/2727461 so far without success - I've reinstalled the Intel HD graphics driver with success and downloaded the latest 8870M driver from the Dell site (posted on the 27th October).  When running this it works okay for a few moments and then the screen freezes.  Shortly afterwards the cooler fan goes into overdrive and after about 10 minutes with absolutely nothing happening I do a hard restart.  Trying with the latest drivers from the AMD site ends with the same result.


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          Try the troubleshooting steps listed here using DDU to remove the current drivers, then download and install Crimson 16.10.3. This document will explain how to configure switchable graphics, which is the type of system you are using.


          If the same problem persists, it is likely that you may need to perform a clean installation of Windows.

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            Unfortunately things didn't work out.  To explain,


            • In the end I did a clean installation of Windows 10
            • I downloaded all the latest drivers from the Dell site (with the exception of the Radeon drivers) and installed them correctly.  This included the Intel Graphics Drivers (with both cards activated).  Everything seemed to be stable and working fine (with the AMD card showing a Microsoft basic driver).
            • I ran through the Windows Update and made the updates.  Windows update downloaded an AMD driver but I had deactivated the driver update option and the driver was not installed.
            • I made sure the Visual C++ and Network Frameworks were properly installed
            • I downloaded the Crimson 16.10.3 drivers from the AMD site and ran the installer.  The installation got to 25% (installing graphics driver) and then the screen froze (first the screen and then about 30 seconds later the mouse). 
            • I left the machine alone for over an hour - quickly the fan went into overdrive and the hard disk light stayed switched on so it looks like it has frozen up.


            Eventually I did a hard restart which would restart to a black screen (prior to the log in screen).  Going into safe mode (after 2 restarts) I could see that the AMD driver (Radeon R9 M270X) had been installed.  Deactivating the AMD Card and the system works fine - activating and it freezes up.


            I used DDU to restart the process but always the same result.  Trying to deinstall the AMD installer from the control panel results in the card activating and freezing the screen.


            What I haven't yet tried (in this cycle) is to install the driver proposed by Dell or the one Windows Update is downloading.


            Hope that gives some information to help on this - I'm really at a loss as to what to try next.

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              It seems very similar to the problem I had. Can you try the steps in this thread Problem with R7 M265 when updating the lastest driver on windows 10 with Acer e1-572g

              btw the drivers from windows update did work for me but they were really old, dated 21/07/2015

              I hope it fixes the issues for you, good luck

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