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problems with crimson updates/amd encoder (vce/app)

Question asked by mrjizz on Nov 1, 2016

ok, so i basically use my on board encoder with obs (or used to) to record, i used obs classic with vce support and it worked perfectly, now since the beginning of the crimson updates it does not work, for me at least (hd7950). once i have selected the AMD encoder and then press record it just crashes the software, i have contacted obs myself about the issue including a crash report and they said this would be an issue that i need to bring up with AMD, i have contacted tech support personally and have received no response hence why i have came here


i have tried installing the new obs-studio (same issue).

installing bandicam (same issue).

installing xsplit ( doesn't even give me the option for amd encoder).

un-installing drivers and reinstalling drivers.

rolling drivers back pre-15.7.


nothing has worked, the crimson edition updates have screwed this up.


i have attached my crash report from obs, the same one i report to obs with....