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Artifacts since July

Question asked by soulkill3r on Nov 1, 2016

From about July that the new update came Aion Online, this error has been persistent. Today at the November date remains unanswered even some who once realize forum. Not only this but also at the time of some ability with my character, the error propagates across the screen, but also also to see the skills of the other people in the game, I had to force off the display of these skills in others and mine to play. It's really annoying because if I do not to have a video card if you can not give me the pleasure of enjoying it. In my old post of 2 months and 1 month, respectively ago not there any answer. So now I leave a video. I must say that I really feel disappointed not to say "ripped off" and I think it will be the last time I buy something from AMD.