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    Global Settings & Game Profiles Not Working In Game.


      After updating to 16.10.2 and now 16.10.3 I've had issues with my Global settings and game profile settings, neither of them work in game. I Noticed this when GTA V started playing differently and I enabled an in game fps counter, I noticed it was running well over 60fps which was my first clue that neither the global or game setting where working. Next I tested Fallout 4 and Skyrim and the same problem, both running well over 60fps and no v-sync. I've tried rolling back to 16.9.2 but the issue persists, i've also tried using frame rate target control and that doesn't work either. If anyone could help me solve this problem it would be much appreciated, If I cant get it working I'm going to use rivatuner to get it working as I've been trying to fix this problem for nearly 3 week since 16.10.2 released.