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Gears of war 4 Frame pacing

Question asked by kahless_uk on Nov 1, 2016

Still having an issue with proper frame pacing on the PC version whenever the framerate is anything other than 60.


To explain what I mean, the Xbox one version draws a frame, then duplicates it so that 30fps appears perfectly fluid on a 60htz display (no judder) however the PC version doesn't appear to do this when I lock the framerate to 30 with the in game setting, instead I get variable but constant jitter as frames are not displayed consistently every 33.33ms (this also affects video cutscene playback). The judder also kicks in if I unlock the framerate and it exceeds 60 or drops below 60, it's only judder free at exactly 60fps regardless of other in game settings.


I am also reporting this to to see if it's engine related.


Windows 10 14393.351

AMD FX-8350 (stock)

AMD RX-480 8GB (stock)

16GB of ram @ 1600