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Radeon R9 200 Series and dual-link DVI - compatible?

Question asked by greenbutton on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by black_zion

I have a Radeon R9 200 Series card in an HP PC ... and I was wondering whether this card can power one-- or even two -- 30" Dell 3007 displays at 2560x1600 that I might buy from someone used.   THe trick is that the Dell display is older and only has Dual-DVI inputs and doesn't have newer connectors.


Does anyone know whether this card can do it?  And would it be only one display, or two of them?  (this appears to be a dual-slot card with two DVI connectors-- one white, one black-- a DP connector and an HDMI connector on the back.)


I'd identify the EXACT graphics adapter model... but I can't find it in software (display properties) or on the hardware by looking at the back... and the AMD detection software doesn't tell me the card model. 


thanks for any help!