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R9 290X HDMI Audio randomly stops working

Question asked by aerandir92 on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by ajax

Ever since I started using audio over HDMI on my R9 290X (So since early February this year), the audio just cuts out at seemingly random intervals.

Is this a known issue, are there any workarounds? Is this just a hardware fault on my R9 290X and I should have reported this at once and not just "lived with it" until I know find my self 4 months outside of the warranty?


My setup:
ASUS Z87-Deluxei7 4770k

MSI R9 290X Lightning

2 Monitors (1xDP 1xHDMI) + Denon AVR-X2200W (HDMI) <- This is where I'm using audio over HDMI

Windows 10, with all updates from February until this day.

All AMD drivers released this year.


When ever I am playing audio, that outputs over the HDMI (to my Denon), the audio, at seemingly random times, cuts out.
It has happend when playing music in Spotify, watching YouTube videos in Chrome, playing games and watching movies in Kodi. It happens using both passthrough, and not, WASAPI or Direct Sound.


When using Kodi, the workaround was to just pause and resume the movie, now I have to stop (this could be a behaviour change in Kodi) and then start playback again, for playing games/Spotify/YouTube etc. the workaround will be disabling/enabling audio device, rebooting PC or switching source back and forth on my Denon.



So, what triggers it?
I'm not sure, the only scenario I do frequently is watching movies/TV-shows in Kodi, and I can't see any pattern. I can watch a whole 2.5 hour movie, without it happening once. I can watch the same movie again another day, and have it happen 5 times within the first half hour (making myself going quite crazy).
I can watch a TV show, several episode in a row, where during one episode it can happen 10-20 times (yes, that often), and the next one just happen 1 or 2 times (maybe not at all).


Sometimes it seems like a reboot can "calm it down" a bit, if it's happening really often, but it won't completely stop, ever.


When it first happened I didn't care that much about it, it was just once in a while, and since a pause/resume fixed it when using Kodi, it was quick to fix as well.
I also thought a new HDMI could fix it, which it didn't. Then I just put it off as I was planing to buy a new graphicscard soon anyway, but the wait for Vega has been long, and I've started to go really crazy with this issue.