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Eyefinity is acting

Question asked by larzz on Oct 30, 2016

hi guys,


im new to this forum and i kinda need your help. i build a computer about 2 years ago and i've enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. but i;ve always had one problem that i could never solve. i have a 3-monitor setup and basically use eyefinity 99% of the time. but for eyefinity to work i had to start up my computer with just one screen on (the left one) than log in without seeing what i was typing, and than turn on the other 2 monitor at exactly the same time, otherwise all 3 monitor would go dark. once i got them all on than there was nothing wrong with them but i had to do this combination everytime i start my computer. but now i cant even use eyefinity anymore, no matter what i try, onve i plug in the 3rd screen, everything goes black and nothing works. does anyone have any clue what could be wrong? here are my pc stats:


ASrock Fatality Z87 professional motherboard

Intel core i7-4770K processor


Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-x


If more stats are required just ask, i just want to get this solved...