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Powercolor RX 480 8gb reference model not working?

Question asked by dictatorgamer on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by amdmatt

Hi, not too long ago I brought a Powercolor RX 480 8gb gpu from newegg. I heard great things about this breast like Gpu and how its good for playing games. I got this gpu from launch date and made a pc build for it. I played some Payday 2 with the gpu and its good. Good framerates and everything. I tried to play The Witcher 3 but got horrible frame rates. Don't believe me? Here take a look at this $900 Gaming PC Build RX 480 + i7 6700 (2016) - YouTube I have plenty other benchmarks in my video. (Fast forward 3 months) Omg its so terrible. I can't even run rise of the tomb raider max settings at 1080p. The game closes at the title screen, my gpu doesn't heat up. Payday 2 on the other hand drops frames whenever I record it at max settings at 1080p. I can't 1080p that game anymore and Its unreliable frame rates. Ok, at the beginning I didn't care. I was ok when I could play Payday 2 at 1080p max settings with a good 60fps. I can't play overwatch at max settings, because my Rx 480 heats up, closes the game to prevent its self from catching on fire. During July all I played was Hyperdimension neptunia rebirth 1. That game wasn't hungry for power or specs. Everytime I would play it while recording, I would get sudden frame drops. It was horrible, it was like my gpu was having a seizure. I used bandicam instead, problem solved.


Ok this isn't organized good ;/ I think my gpu has burned out over 4 or 3 months. I think the gpu isn't even 8gb video ram. I think its 4gb. Why? I went on Can I run it website and its saying my gpu is 4gb and 3gb of dedicated video ram. To be sure I check my program called Techpowerup Gpu-z and its saying it has memory size 8192mb which is of course 8gbs? idk, I can't run Rise of the tomb raider anymore not because my gpu overheats, but I think because my rx 480 doesn't have the muscle to play it.


My Gpu Explain what the H is happening here.