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    Windows 7 - Cannot click on anything on screen after lastest update


      I'm using AMD Radeon R9 M200X Series on Windows 7 x64.

      After an update at the end of October 2016, and after starting up Windows for some minutes, my computer doesn't respond with mouse click anymore, windows lose focus when I click, but nothing responds. I followed the trick in this link Cannot click on anything in Windows 7 - Super User, which is to try CTRL + ALT + DEL then press cancel to force display driver to refresh and it really works!

      I rolled back to previous driver version, however I cannot start AMD Radeon Settings software anymore, it only shows a semi-transparent window (see attached screenshot).

      As it's hard to find a place on web to file a complaint to the producer, so I leave a note here just in case any AMD employees can see and help fixing this driver bug.