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i have problem again with far cry 3 and driver 16.10.3 game crash with vsync on

Question asked by pepe.sifu on Oct 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by pepe.sifu

when i actived vsync on , triple buffer or double vsync (30 fps lock), the game crash all times, this only game has problem, all other games work perfect but with low load gpu, the problem of low load gpu not even be resolved, i have a lot hopes on AMD, please fix this problems, i have cpu fx 6300


Update: with dying light gpu load 100% and not more crash the game work very perfect, rise of tom raider the game load 100% gpu and not more crash or problem with directx 12 the game work very perfect nice diver 16.10.3 for this game, but with assasin creed syndicate and fallout 4 the game load 100% to 0% is big problem with these games, please fix these two games.