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    RX 480




      I made an account as i was reading some other things about my video card upgrade and wanted to ask about the problem i have.

      i had a R290 video card, when battlefield1 Titanfall 2 was released i upgraded my video card to a sapphire Rx 480, took me a long time to save up!


      My PC has never had any problems with anything but since i put my new video card in, i get random machine lock ups, black/grey screen and you can hear in the headset DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD... cant alt tab cant Ctrl alt delete, have to literally - hold the power button down to restart the computer..


      So... my brother helped me rebuild my machine, new win 10 install, re thermal pasted my CPU (i5 2500k 4.2)  and then re-installed everything back on to it..


      Battlefield1 was just basically doing this and i thought it was just that game, but after reading about everyone having the same issue i thought it was just that, so i installed my other games, ARMA3 BDO. titanfall 2 - all of these ran fine 30 minutes+  until today they started doing it... totally random can play for 10 - 60 minutes then it all locks up.


      I have tried other drivers DDU clean installation 16.10.3 , windows updates, removed OC, put OC back on, re-seated everything again..


      Now i put my r920 back in and i can run most of the games on low settings and not one of them crashed or did the same thing..


      Is there a problem with my card, drivers or something else?  i don't really know what to do for the good now.. i have read a lot on the forums today about video cards, battlefield 1 problems and driver problems... can anyone help me please?


      thank you



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          The RX 480 has less gaming performance than the R9 290. If you aren't able to play games on anything higher than low on the 290, then it sounds to me like a power supply issue.

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            I suggest a 650W PSU or better for cards with 2 power plugs to be safe

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              OK, thank you for replying


              So update..

              My PSU is fine and less than a month old 650W .. no problems with anything else ever before battlefield1 released


              I took my PC to bits again after re-installing some older 480 version drivers and getting the same problems, pc crashing in any game after 5/10 minutes or 30 minutes and having to hard reset the machine as it is locked..

              All temps fine CPU/GPU/Fans all working as should expect


              took my 480 out, put r9 290 back in

              Re-installed win 10 all updated

              re-installed all drivers software needed.


              installed Battlefield1 and arma 3


              Game ran perfectly fine on both games afterburner 60fps limited med settings not one crash 1 hour plus both games..


              then i put the 480 back in and within 5 minutes of b1 and black desert online it crashed and locked the machine up again.


              Is my 480 faulty? or is it driver related etc?


              many thanks

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                I have exactly the same problem with the new Sapphire Nitro+ OC Rx480 (11260-01-20G). The only thing that I has not tried it is replaced by the same card =(

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                    Last night i tried mine in my brothers BRAND NEW VR machine, he took his 1080 out to test my card and it did exactly the same thing within 5 minutes of it being in the machine. mine is now going back.. there is obviously a problem with these cards...  i am not very impressed, good luck

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                        Seeing your post now I think I have to talk about experience:

                        I got 2 Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ 1340MHz, one after another as replacement, and both are returned.


                        The card had two issues, one is a killer and the other is an annoyance.


                        First, the fans.

                        They failed over time, and I am taking about a really short time like a week of light gaming. They start to make rattling noise with frequency correlated to the spinning speed. If you google Sapphire Nitro fan noise, you will see many reports giving this complaint.

                        In my case, in four days one card had it's second fan failed, the second card had both fans failed after another week. They come suddenly without me opening the case, then you can hear them when you boot the computer. This broke the deal.


                        Another issue is with their  core clock tuning, and I found this out from Unigene Engine simulation. Until the temperature of the card has gone above 59C, the fan wouldn't start. This unfortunately also has the effect of limiting the core clock to a low value, which the card is extremely slow before the fan has spun up. The frame rate was basically halved in the first 10s, then it goes back to normal. This is not a big deal, but it means you might have to wait 10s for this to happen. If your game is online and it loads a new round, you may experience slow graphics every now and then.


                        I liked the design of the card a lot, but at the end I cannot recommend it.

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                            try gigabyte or asus they seem to be reasonable but take care to be sure the model chosen is the ok for your needs

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                                I personally didn't have great experience with ASUS nor Gigabyte, though not really on their graphics cards;

                                I am looking into getting the MSI Gaming X at the moment.


                                From TechPowerUp, it does have double backplate sandwiching the PCB, which will give reasonable cooling with the aid of the fan, plus it does have the best feedbacks on Newegg (not sure how reliable it is though). At the end it outperforms the other 480 tested in terms of overclocking, but this might have quite a bit to do with the ASIC quality. I just wanted something quiet and reliable, from what I have seen so far the boost clock 1266 MHz is the sweet spot balancing performance and power (heat+noise), there isn't too many reasons to overclock so I wouldn't go too far in terms of overclocking.



                                Now that I have seen EVGA's 1080 catching fire, seriously I am looking into adding my currently empty VRM heatsinks for the reference 480. (I put an Arctic Hybrid-iii 120mm on it but without VRM heatsinks)


                                And it seems I have gone too far off topic from the original post, but hopefully this also might serve as an idea for the op, besides replacing the card, to also consider trying another brand if it is not impossible.