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RX 480

Question asked by nugg0r on Oct 29, 2016
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I made an account as i was reading some other things about my video card upgrade and wanted to ask about the problem i have.

i had a R290 video card, when battlefield1 Titanfall 2 was released i upgraded my video card to a sapphire Rx 480, took me a long time to save up!


My PC has never had any problems with anything but since i put my new video card in, i get random machine lock ups, black/grey screen and you can hear in the headset DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD... cant alt tab cant Ctrl alt delete, have to literally - hold the power button down to restart the computer..


So... my brother helped me rebuild my machine, new win 10 install, re thermal pasted my CPU (i5 2500k 4.2)  and then re-installed everything back on to it..


Battlefield1 was just basically doing this and i thought it was just that game, but after reading about everyone having the same issue i thought it was just that, so i installed my other games, ARMA3 BDO. titanfall 2 - all of these ran fine 30 minutes+  until today they started doing it... totally random can play for 10 - 60 minutes then it all locks up.


I have tried other drivers DDU clean installation 16.10.3 , windows updates, removed OC, put OC back on, re-seated everything again..


Now i put my r920 back in and i can run most of the games on low settings and not one of them crashed or did the same thing..


Is there a problem with my card, drivers or something else?  i don't really know what to do for the good now.. i have read a lot on the forums today about video cards, battlefield 1 problems and driver problems... can anyone help me please?


thank you