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    Error installing Firepro W5100 Drvier into Windows 10 64 Bit. Its giving error one after the other. 1. Digitally signed driver required. 2. few .dll files missing ( Qt5Quick.dll Qt5Widgets.dll Qt5Core.dll Qt5Charts.dll). somebody please help.


      Due to some adware accumulation i did a fresh reinstall of windows 10, 64 bit. Once all set well, i tried installing the AMD Firepro W5100 driver into it. But failed. Then i searched for the cause, it was about 'digitally signed driver missing', as sourced from communities, i did a cleanup of AMD drivers using 'amd cleanup utility' then disabled the 'Driver signature enforcement' from boot menu. After all this when i installed the driver again, it said the same thing i.e. digitally signed drivers missing and now addition to this 5 of .dll files missing. (Qt5Quick.dll Qt5Widgets.dll Qt5Core.dll Qt5Charts.dll) can somebody help me on this.