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    poor performance on r9 m270x after update


      Intel core i7 4500u + intel hd 4400

      radeon 8800m(r9 m270x) 2gb

      8gb ram

      1tb hdd+250gb ssd

      100mbps internet chanel



      after last update driver i have bug and it stuck in "amd display driver". reinstal dont help. now i always stuck in this position.

      okay. instal old driver. first intel, then amd. try to update - stuck.

      after this video frequency drop from 775\1150 to 300\400 and dont get up =_= have a very low fps in game.

      what i need to do for restore my performance?

      in dota2 have 80-90fps on max quality. now i ger jumping 1-80 fps every sec.

      in blade and soul(mmo) have 40-70fps. now 10-15.