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second monitor not working after driver auto update via windows 10

Question asked by on Oct 29, 2016

My Lenovo desktop has been working fine with two monitors until the last 2 months when windows auto updates the drivers and then only one monitor works and windows does not detect the other monitor. Control panel  under Diplay Adapters shows that I have two graphics cards. I have AMD Radeon R7Graphics +R7 200 Dual Graphics plus also AMD Radeon (TM) R7 Graphics.

It is the change to the AMD Radeon (TM) R7 Graphics that causes the problem. I used to be able to manually reinstall the old driver called 15.201.1701.0 each time and I would get both monitors working again. Then I went into control panel to tell windows not to auto install drivers for this graphics card. Unfortunaely, that didn't stop it being changed with windows updates and again only having one monitor working. I then tried updating the drivers from AMD's website but still only one monitor was detected. So I used system restore to get both monitors working again.


After the most recent windows update I again only had one monitor working so I manually changed  the driver to 15.201.1701.0 but this caused windows to crash and not open at all and only  have 2 black screens.


Luckily, I recently made a recovery usb and have done windows restore to an earlier date so have got the machine working again - but again only one monitor.

After restore both cards now have the same driver version :

Any suggestions anyone what I can try next?