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Why Aren't Black screens fixed yet? July-October..almost November.

Question asked by bearaids on Oct 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2016 by pinheads

Holy crap. Im so frustrated with this piece of garbage. AMD i got an rx 480 as a replacement for my r9 290. I have NEVER EVER had this many problems with a card. I get 3 black screens a Minute with EVERY NEW DRIVER you come out with. The only one that doesn't is 16.7.2 from June, but that version you can't control anything in the watman settings. So its pick your poison. let your card burn till it black screens. Or deal with 3 black screens a minute while AMD spends 4 months ingoring the issue.


As for the new driver. I've overvolted and undervolted. Overclocked and underclocked it. Still the same issue. I've done the exact same thing each time with each AMD driver update since 16.7.2. This is NOT my issue. This frustrates me beyond a tee.


z170MX-Gaming 5

i5 6600k

16gb 3000mhz corsair ram

120g SSD

750w Evga Supernova


These are all 100% new parts on a fresh install this is not my issue as ive bought it up in the past with nothing but "Go to 16.7.2 if you want a working card man".I want a working card that was promised to me and i that i effectively paid for. I'm SO exhausted coming home from work to spend an hour+ troubleshooting my video card EACH day just to get it to work.


So disappointed in you team red.