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firepro W5170 issues

Question asked by jansolar on Oct 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by jansolar


I´am having the HP Zbook G3 mobile workstation with AMD Firepro W5170, but when I check for hardware in my system, it shows R9 M375X instead. I understand the chip is the same like R9 M375X, but I was buying the laptop with the firepro graphics especially because I´am using a lot of CAD programes etc. and now I´am not sure, if all the advantages of firepro are there, since the system thinks it´s R9 M375X??! It is also strange to see different component in my system, than the one I was buying.

Second thing is the temperature. The computer is completely new and I have all the drivers up to date, but when idle!, the temperature goes around 50 degrees celsius and not going down, meaning a lot of fan noise. Sometimes the fan starts to be confused and it increase the RPMs and decrease in a sinusoid (picture of the GPU temperature - speccy) - it´s really annoying.