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Resolution is exceeding my display at 1920x1080, where is the overscan/underscan option?

Question asked by benj_master on Oct 29, 2016
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So I've updated Radeon and my HD 7800 series GPU to the latest and my resolution is going beyond what my TV can display (basically, I can't see about 10% of both left and right sides).
I can't play nor watch a movie properly.


I've checked multiple options:
-There is no more overscan/underscan.
-Tweaked all possible settings ("virtual resolution", "scaling option", "custom display resolution", etc.) along with Windows Display Settings.
-Restarted my pc.
-Unplugged/plugged my HDMI port.
-Rolled back to the previous GPU driver.


I'm running Windows 10 64bit, Radeon Crimson 16.6, GPU HD 7800 2GB version, 16GB DDR5 RAM, FX-8120



Please help this nonsense, the only answer I found so far is AMD saying "We are working on this, roll back to the previous driver" but that thread was dated APRIL 6, 2016...