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Computer Crashes On Idle (HD 7850)

Question asked by sirmonkeyfood on Oct 28, 2016


     I recently purchased an XFX HD 7850 2GB and stuck installed it into my computer. The card performs wonderfully. The only problem I've had since installation is a minor crashing error. When the computer is idle for 10 minutes or so, it throws a blue screen of death, and gives me a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error. I've tried updating drivers, reinstalling drivers, changing power settings, verifying drivers, and nothing works. As this problem isn't very widespread, I believe it has to do with the age of my machine. My computer is from (brace yourself) 2005. The computer still performs well, and I'm not looking to upgrade. The complete specs are below:


     Dell Precision 490

     (2x) Xeon x5355 2.66ghz Quad Core CPU

     16GB DDR2 @ 667Mhz FBDIMM

     Stock Dell 750w PSU

     XFX HD 7850 2GB


I've attached a crash dump, and I was wondering if anyone could explain why I'm getting this error. Whether this is fixable or unavoidable, I'd just like to know.