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Errors in textures Fifa 17

Question asked by xcolaz on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by xcolaz

Faced with the problem:


I went into FIFA 17 comes to the main screen and background can not see anything menu, all dazzled and not at all the wallpaper, when I go to play a match - there is some kind of nonsense, a black screen or the players or the field is not visible, the menu is applied to each on the other ... see. photo.


What can be wrong? DRIVER updated ARE MOST FRESH! (This is a song about the "upgrade your graphics card driver")



Radeon Graphics Card


Fifa 16 standards are high, and even though iron is not weak with me, no problem with that ... no all the modern standards of the game give the FPS, but there is no texture is not seen absolutely nothing. I already bought 17 fifu, pre-order .... therefore worry that the garbage ...


here's a video with the same problem as mine

Лаги с текстурами в Fifa 17 Demo!!!! - YouTube


driver is updated several times
Help me please