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My GPU Drivers Stopped Responding and Froze my screen now all adobe apps cannot use the GPU and crash HELP!

Question asked by formulatingarcader on Oct 28, 2016

So As you can see from the title i can no longer use the all Adobe apps. So when i loaded up bf4 i clicked it in the task bar then the screen completely froze and took several seconds to come back to life (e.g my peripherals did not work and my video stopped playing.) Now when i try use adobe apps they cannot use the GPU and premiere Isntantly crashes and Photoshop fixes itsself but disabled all GPU enhancements.


Please Help and yes ive completely removed all of Adobe software and reinstalled but nothing helps. Also, i dont want to upgrade to 16.10.3 from 16.10.1 because the last time i updated to an optional or beta driver (cannot remember which one) the whole pc broke and it thought my gpu was a Nano when it is r9 380 4gb HELP!!!