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    Hybrid processor AMD A6-7470K


      I want to upgrade my computer. I found a hybrid processor AMD A6-7470K. But I do not really understand, I do not need is now to improve my graphics card? It is built in? Tell me, what is a feature of the hybrid processor?

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          An APU features a GPU inside it. This GPU will use system memory (dram) for memory bandwidth so it is advisable to use fast system memory, in order to improve graphics performance. 2133Mhz or 2400Mhz system memory is preferable, but check with the Motherboard manufacturer first to ensure compatibility.


          Additionally, you can purchase a discrete GPU instead and connect your display to that if you are looking for more performance than is offered through the APU graphics.


          I would recommend checking some reviews out online to learn more.

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            Hello marisa2016,




            One might find the information of AMD A6-7470K processor on the above link. First you'd better pay attention its socket, FM2+! Make sure your mobo could support processors based on this socket! AMD use Compute Cores to evaluate the computing resources, this processor has 2 computing threads and 4 GPGPU cores (2C+4G). GPGPU cores are different from processor cores, the computing is based on specific libraries rather than x86 instructions. So they are also provided for accelerating alongside with processors cores. With 256 shader cores, the integrated GPU is just on entry-level class. Paper work and simple games might just right for it! Radeon R5 cores does not support something like Crossfire, in other words, if you want to used independent graphics card (PCIe 1.x/2.x/3.0), the integrated GPGPU would be sacrificed. And one more thing, processors cores would share the memory controller provided by Radeon GPU. So even though the integrated GPU has been disabled, but its memory controller is still on the service.


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            Aaron Janagewen

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              Say, you have solved the problem? I have a dilemma, too, with AMD A10 7850K.