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7750 2x hdmi and a mini hdmi  used for audio.

Question asked by pec2027 on Oct 27, 2016

so I thought this was the card for me from the discription but. What I need to do is, hdmi to main monitor for normal use, 2nd hdmi to yamaha reciever for playback of JR Media Player. It works and sounds awsome till I turn off 2nd monitor which is actually my samsun 4k tv. I have wasted hours trying to get this to work and now I must leave on the tv and the reciever to be able to be here. did i miss read what this card could do or am I just stupid at setting this up...I do not play any sort of games just wanted great sound. any ideas would be great. thanks


Update 9am 10-28-2016


Well after sleeping on it and waking up at 5am to work on this more, I finally got it to work the way I had something to do with graphics in the bios. So now I am a very happy music man....hope this help someone who may be struggling with the same issue!