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rx 470 4G Dual Monitor lag while gaming and video

Question asked by primapro on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by nibiru

Hey guys,


yesterday i got my Asus Strix OG rx 470 4G graphiccard!

Everything is working fine, just one thing...


While i playing a game on the first screen and watching a Video, Twitch or something else on the second screen (both are the same Monitors) i get lags in my game..

I can see my GPU Clock is dropping from ~ 1200 to ~800 or lower.. With my old GTX 560ti it worked perfect... and now i got a 200$ GPU and im getting Dual monitor problems



Intel i5 6500


MSI H110m Pro-D

Asus Strix OG rx 470 4GB


Can someone helping me?