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Star Wars Battlefront 2 - texture issues due to drivers

Question asked by pmd-shadowz on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by jakslap

Since crimson drivers 15.10 (in and around this area (also crimson)) SWBF2 has been having major texture issues. Reverting drivers back seems to solve the issue but I do need some more recent drivers for my games.

As you guys can see it looks like someone gave the ground some LSD.


While I know that SWBF2 does not have that big of a community I still feel that having a game breaking bug due to drivers needs to be addressed. Even if it isn't done right away but addressed in one or two driver updates.

If there are work-arounds let me know I have tried replacing DirectX files in the game and have seen no improvement or change in the textures. As well as going into the drivers themselves and replacing the DirectX files also no help. This is also solely a Radeon issue as the green-team (GASP) hasn't had any issues and the game validates perfectly and ran smoothly prior to the drivers mentioned before hand.

If it helps I have an R9 M390X 4GB, 723/1250 core/mem. Current Drivers: Crimson 16.9.2. Win10 Home


Any and all help would be appreciated! The biggest of course is a driver fix




- Shadowz