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Display driver problems (AMD Radeon HD 8210) video games and videos wont run smooth

Question asked by chriscg on Oct 27, 2016

Hello, i have been experiencing some trouble over the past months with the performance of video playbacks and video game performance.

My pc is a Hp 15-g019wn with a AMD E1-2100 APU Processor with Radeon HD graphics; since i bought it, it always had displayed videos smoothly and ran video games like League of legends at a fair performance; but since i decided to give maintenance to my PC like, updating drivers and installing system updates, performance started to decrease.I would watch videos with sound and picture delay, constant browser and system crashes, videogames with low fps's regardless of setting minimum resolution and settings.

After that i thought of installing updates from the AMD website since i only updated the drivers from the "device manager online updater. after downloading the respective drivers and software my pc would just froze without letting me pass the log in screen after the computer restarted. I tried to troubleshot the problem trying to fix the start screen and from safetyboot but it would help.

i recovered my pc from a previus image and everything was back to "normal" still having poor graphics and system performance; after this i tried to check if a program was the cause of failing the drivers to update but it happend the same problem, lastly i decided to perform a factory restore to see if some registry probs where the problem o perhaps previous software, but guess what? it append the same , the screen would go black and wouldn't pass the start loading screen so i factory restored again , 1 week later i tried to update the newer AMD driver suite       and this time it didnt froze my pc, insted it drived my cpu up to 99%, constantly crashing my pc and displaying blue screens every 2 minutes. I managed to go to safety boot and turning off the display diver, my CPU decresed to 10% after that and the blue screens stoped. So, short story short after all this my computer didnt hang anymore but the poor performance and image stood and i dont know what to do anymore , im tired of watching videos with constant delay and running games at 2 FPS.