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    Driver is not been installed




      It all started about a month ago when I was asked to update my graphic card (Radeon R9 280 ) in order to play Battlefield 1. I didn't not know that since I only have Windows 8 I can't install the new version of the driver. Since I already uninstalled my driver, I re downloaded it, and installed. Or so I thought.

      I connect my pc with my tv via HDMI cable. Since the "new installation" there is no audio transfer to the tv. It stays on the pc's speakers. For a while I kept telling myself that I need to check it. and today I did.

      I downloaded amd's auto driver detection tool. Somehow, It says it Have another card: 7900. strange.... I also downloaded guru3d for for checking the driver. It says i have version 13.xxxx.

      I re downloaded the driver again (version 14.4) and install it. I check the ATI file and NOTHING. I did it again. same thing. I open the installation log. It says it installed something for 20 bytes.


      Any ideas? (beside updating my windows)