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Freesync on ViewSonic XG2401 and RX 480 GTR not working

Question asked by danny96 on Oct 27, 2016
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first off all, sorry I´m German and my english is not very good.


The problem: I bought the ViewSonic XG2401 and i love the 144 Hz...but freesync is not working. I activated freesync and DP 1.2 in the Monitor OSD also in the Driver, but when i start the "AMD Freesync Windmill Demo" and only activate Freesync I can still see a bit of tearing and stuttering. Only when i activate Vsync and Freesync the picture is very smooth.

The monitor OSD shows that the Hz isn´t right with the fps. It switched some time to the fps but most time it is still 144 Hz. Same ingame.


I tried to un- and reinstall the graphics- and monitor driver but it´s still not working.

I unplugged the DP-cabel


but all i´ve didn´t work fine.


I hope you can understand my language and help me