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    So how do you resolve Directx heating up your graphics card?


      So here is the deal for some time now I noticed when a game gets a update in the graphics areas certain portions of that game heat my graphics card up like you would not believe. Until recently this was mainly swtor, well its swtor, a crappy game so it did not concern me. Another game of mine, just did a similar update and mentioned something about directx. It kind of dawned on me that maybe it was this component overclocking my video card or something, that was causing the problem. On normal games like Blizzard Entertainment I do not have this issue.


      My processor is AMD Athlon II X3 450 Processor 3.20 GHz

      Installed Memory RAM 4.00 GM, I know low for the times, but back then 2gbs was the normal.

      System Type 64 bit operating system.


      Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series.

      The description of Directx I read said something about speeding up your components. This would cause more heat on my graphics card, if I was understanding it correctly. The game in question just upgraded there graphics to Directx 11.


      Any help would be appreciated in how to stop this from happening.

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          No, DirectX doesn't overclock your components, but DirectX 11 is more efficient and should allow higher frame rates which would cause increased heat. When was the last time you cleaned the card, the HD 6000 series is quite old.

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            Hi O.C.,

            That's interesting what you say about DX11, I'll have to find a little reading material for that and  edjumacate myself )lol) not sure what you may have done thus far, but if it were me I think I would check the inside of the computer ( Carefully ) and do a cleaning, while your in there  Make sure you have a grounding leash on your wrist. You might like to check your fan connections and make sure all is working well and venting properly.

            And if you feel comfortable around computers you might also check your CPU thermal compound and remove the old and reapply if you feel it is needed, I say this because most of the time to really give the fins a good cleaning you may have to remove the CPU fan and cooler fins(Block) to do so, ergo could be a good time to re-apply the thermal compound.


            You say you keep up on the cleaning of your computer so most(none) of this may be needed, but depending on the game(s) you play sometimes they have a setting in the game menu which allows you to switch to the use of DX9 to play. Albeit a nice feature to have in games I would be inclined ( if it were me ) to do most or some of the above. Just for the fact that I am a person that likes to know what the cause might be, and not just do a quick fix.


            Think about this like a head-ache, when we get one most people like to take pill to get rid of it, SURPRISE!!!! it doesn't get rid of it, it masks it, you can only do what your comfortable with however. I hope you get it sorted out,


            Take care and Good Luck,


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              You can prevent your computer from overheating by keeping mind the things given below:

              1. Dust Out Your Computer’s Case

              2. Ensure Proper Ventilation

              3. Check if Fans Are Running

              4. Tune Up Heat Sinks


              Thanks & Regards,

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                games become more power demanding, These days graphics cards run at max all the time on a lot of 3d based games. what you can do is buy an after market cooling solution, these tend to be more efficient at cooling down the older generations of graphics cards.