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Crossfire looking for group information regarding issues

Question asked by labby on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by colesdav

Hiya,  i have been a long time user of AMD GPU's but this latest BF1 release is the final straw when it comes to crossfire issues.


Could anyone who has crossfire and still has issues, from flickering to crashing, post here.


At this moment in time crossfire is not fit for purpose but is still being used as a selling point. I have already seen 1 guy go down the crossfire path for BF1 and he is now experiencing how bad the support is. Yes i know the game is knew, but AMD are partnered with Dice and should be one step ahead of this. If it was just one or two games I wouldn't have an issue but it is so many.


Now DX12 is out and mgpu has nothing to do with them on that api it is as if they don't care about us crossfire users. Problem is most game devs aren't coding their game engines to support mgpu.


I am currently looking into the sales of goods act and consumer protection act about this in the UK. I just need a rough idea of how many games are still crossfire broken. This list is for new to old games but only ones that state the game supports mgpu on dx11.


I know this probably sounds anal but enough is enough.


I will start off. If a game has already been put on the list please add it again if you have the same issue. Just so i can get some rough numbers of crossfire users and so on.

(please keep this to crossfire issues only)


Bf1/ 2x fury x's/ Flickering - limited to if any scaling at all - serious stutter - massive fps drops